God has His volume of books, and your name is in it. Your purpose is detailed in it and your gifts are in it.
Your fulfilment in life is dependent on how intently you access God’s volume of books and download what is written concerning you. You will then go ahead and execute as led and empowered by the Spirit of the Lord.
This 30 days devotional and journaling prompter book will help you to consistently access God’s presence and systematically lay hold on what has been reserved for you before the beginning of time. And you can finally live under open heavens and thrive all the days of your life.
Hebrews 10:7 (KJV) Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.


  • Do you constantly feel that you are the only one passionate about your business, even though you have people working for you?
  • Do you sometimes feel stretched thin and stressed out because your business cannot do without you?
  • Do you run your business from your brain, with no written down policies or documents that your staff can refer to?
  • Would you love to tweak 10 things and see a positive, significant change in your staff productivity?
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This 6 weeks transformational fitness program is targeted at fabulous ladies who want to
lose weight the easy way and remain fit over the years. If you are afraid of trying out
new and exciting stuffs, you might as well stop reading now. But if you intend that in
this one life, you will stand out in an outstanding way, then read on.

After 6 weeks, you would have explored the psychology behind your fitness belief
systems, questioned your convictions and re-created your reality. This will become
apparent in your results. Physically, you would have lost body fat weight and finally have
a drop dead gorgeous physique that you can be proud of.

About Me

My name is Bukola (Coach B)

As a ministry gift: I help people find God and develop intimacy with God, and to understand their life purposes and execute flawlessly.

As a business coach: I coach small businesses to increase their profits without increasing their stress levels.

As a fitness coach: I help people to confront their negative mindsets and to lose weight easily.