WHAT and WHO, in order of priority, matter to YOU?

This Course gives you the opportunity to examine each important area of your life, to access the wisdom of God and understand the next steps to take in order to become a better person all – round as God would have you become…

Our lives can be separated into boxes and categories, even though there may be blending and intertwining of the different categories of life. When you categorize your life and create a life plan for each compartment, you can have laser sharp focus and pay keen attention to what is important to you. You will be able to determine what success means in each area of life, so you can identify success when you see it.

This will ensure that you are not successful in one category and unsuccessful in the other categories. If you have ever seen someone who is a stunning success in their career but their marriage is a mess, or someone who has family life figured out perfectly but their work life is stunted, it is because such a person has not performed this exercise and followed through.

According to Life Coach, Michael Hyatt:

This experience of creating a life plan, regularly reviewing it, and updating it as necessary, has been transformational. As my family, friends, career, and other interests have grown, this document has kept me on track, ensuring that I keep everything in balance (more or less). When things get chaotic, my life plan serves as a map. It tells me where I am and how I can get back on the path to my intended destination.


1.   This course helps you to reflect on your past actions and their consequences, then it helps you decide prayerfully on what your future actions will be, based on the positive or negative effects of your past actions.

    1. 2.   This course takes God’s magnifying glass and His flashlight and uses them to shine light on the thoughts in your heart, the events of each day, and the consequences of your actions. It then provides an opportunity for you to take Godly action and align with God in each area of life. This is the winning strategy


    1. 3.   This month long online course will flip your life right side up and create clarity and direction in your life.


    Daily Emails focusing on different areas of life and helping the course participant to think clearly about God’s best for him or her.

    Free Webinar sharing all my learning points on how to use journaling as a tool for personal growth.

    Online Mastermind / Accountability Group where you get to share your thoughts and learn from others on how to move from a mundane lifestyle to an extraordinary lifestyle


    My name is Bukola Ogunwale, I authored a journal called The Five Year Journal, I am passionate about helping people live intentional lives and making a difference in their lives by paying more attention to the little actions that add up to make them who they are. 

    I am passionate about showing people around me how achievable and practical it is to live a life that pleases God and to live under open heavens while on earth. 


    I believe everyone should hear from God and should consistently download the heavenly agenda for their purposes on earth, and this is how we can avoid living ordinary lives. 


    I believe that all areas of a christian’s life should reflect their kingdom dominance and spiritual authority as Gods ambassors on earth and co-inheritors with Christ of eternal life. 


    A trained lawyer, and a business coach, I have the pleasure of daily interracting with entrepreneurs and driven individuals and I have founded and co-founded a number of businesses myself.  










    Before this challenge, I will tell you that I journal, not a daily thing tho. When I saw your post on this challenge, I was drawn to it I just wanted to learn more, to see other angles to it apart from what is known to me and believe you me, I said to myself during one of the moments of my journaling …this is the real deal and it was as if I have never journaled and the difference is so clear.
    What is the difference ..HOLY SPIRIT which was a constant factor with high emphasis on all the daily post till date. My jounaling time is a time out with the Holy Spirit and this is one thing that stands out in the challenge till date.(before now I just journal and its occasionally that i do it under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit… which to me now is like I have been keeping a diary more of events)
    I will say that participating in this challenge has given me deeper insight on journaling which i look forward to doing everyday and the thrill is the fact that it is done with the help and inspiration of the Holy spirit which is beyond just writing things down,I have learnt to reflect on everything important (from my spirituality, The Holy spirit,family , friends, work and career, health and finances) more deeply . in this past weeks, I have journaled about things that i have never journaled on before and i will say that It is just so amazing and going through them again has wowed me gan ni and I will still write more and more.At some point I journaled in yoruba for full expressions.
    Daily journal has become a part of me and when i dont have my journal, I use voice  note on my phone anywhere as things drop in my spirit which l write out later. Intimacy with God is higher by the grace of God.
    Thank you for this challenge.

    I love to write, always have. I even started a blog sometime in 201…, then I got married and it seemed like the creative juice just stopped flowing or better still, I stopped paying attention and I totally stopped writing.
    I even tried journaling a couple of times but I always hit rock bottom.
    I am so so happy I went on this journey with you ma. The questions! Oh, the deep, soul-searching questions! Where “I don’t know what to write” would have been the perfect excuse, this book/course sort of asks the perfect question and for me, once I’m able to really go down deep to the root of the question, I find that the answers are seated in my Spirit. Then I start to write and write and it just keeps flowing. 
    One other thing is this journey has taught me to wake up early. You see, I am not really a morning person so I try to pray and do my stuff at night and other periods. But, I now know my head is very clear in the morning and it really helps me commune with God.
    I’ve also learned from you how to draw others to Christ by simply being me, by talking about Him in the most intimate of ways. You really make me want to fall in Jesus more!
    Now, here’s the big part. Guess who’s going back to blogging??? God has been tugging my heart towards this so I guess it’s time.
    Love you so much, thank you for giving to the Lord.

    Coach B,

    How can I thank you enough for the opportunity to be on this journey with you and for the gemstones your journal contains. 
    I remember thinking I wish I had read your Marriage 101 before I got married. It really  spelt out the purpose of marriage. 
    I have not been consistent with writing in my journal everyday however I can boldly say that every day I have written It, it looks like a light bulb goes off in my head and I see things in a different way than I have seen it before.